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Jan 7, 2011 11:00pm EST
projects he is set in motion, he and his team. he will then do a powerpoint and then we'll open it up to q&a. so with that, david is going to come into his presentation. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for coming. it's an honor to be here. thank you, peter and thank you to the foundation for providing -- for hosting today. i suspect that most in the audience, whether here in the room or from one of the cameras watching what we're doing still remember where they were on september 11, 2001, when they heard the two towers had been hit by two aircraft. i certainly remember. and i was in a traffic jam in virginia. the first call came from cnn, where i was then national security course on it. the second call came for my wife. she said -- all never forget the way she put it. she said, these two towers had been hit, and you know that? she said i think it's your people. i regret -- that's the wrong tone. but she had a point. i've spent much of the summer because my job was national security, hearing from sources in u.s. intelligence, one who is prominently remember to have had his hair and f
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1